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2014 - 2015 "Make Them Laugh" European Tour & PSPT on 109.456 AM "The Goat"

Potato Sack Pants Theater is traveling through the backroads of England, and France showcasing their "comic gold" to a new audience, according to PSPT's agent Gary S. Toothhead. 

Their travels are all part of the 2014-2015 "Make Them Laugh" European Tour. Entertainment journalists from the European Press Box said:

"From what we're hearing, these potato people are not naturally funny human beings, so ... why?"

 Journalists for the Paris Times wrote:

"I witnessed the worst example of live comedy last night in Strasbourg. Who are these pants people, and why do they even exist in our world?" 

In other news, PSPT may have signed a radio contract with radio station 109.456 AM "The Goat." People in the radio world say PSPT has sighned up for a talk radio format show. PSPT members have not commented on the format, or content of the talk radio show. They only say: 

"We signed a contract, but we didn't really "sign," a contract, ya know? We drew dirty pictures on some line ... in place of our signitures, and it was with ink, so ... what could the suits do? You can't erase ink, right? So, they were stuck with what we did." 

Potato Sack Pants Theater

From left to right: Chad Hayden, Stetson Ward, Andy Gordon, Erin St.Cyr, Meredith Gordon, Kelsi Goodall


In May of 2011, Potato Sack Pants Theater performed their very first, original, full length comedy sketch show called "Character Flaws." At that time the group didn't have one show to their credit, or even a name for their group. Months after "Character Flaws" had ended, a new series of shows was created called "A Mini Series," and it was for this show, that the name Potato Sack Pants Theater was born. The same group of people, the same comedy, but now with a name. 

Since 2011, Potato Sack Pants has been casually performing sketch comedy at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, but only when the time is right, and the material is even better. Potato Sack Pants follows no theatrical schedule, or season, and therefore is free to commit, or not commit to performance based solely on group interest. 

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts has been the home for Potato Sack Pants since 2011. One could make the case that if Off Center for the Dramatic Arts did not exist, Potato Sack Pants still would, but we'd be in debt. Off Center for the Dramatic Arts is one of the few, if not only, theatrical spaces in Burlington that is affordable to rent. This is important to Potato Sack Pants Theater, for if rent costs were high, ticket prices would have to be too. 

"If our friends and family can't afford to see see us on stage, why put on a show?" (Potato Sack Pants Theater). 

Friends make up the cast and crew of Potato Sack Pants Theater. Most of the time, all we need is a reason to get together, and the rest is filled by our never ending, running minds, and mouths. This is why we're  forever and for always in full swing. If we're not on stage, we're off, it's as simple as that. Either way, Potato Sack Pants hopes to see you at their next show! 

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